Besides education and basic training (puppy - and obedience training), it might give you
and your dog pleasure to take a practical hunting course? Not especially to hunt for game,
but it will give your dog the opportunity to develop his natural talents. It will also enable
you to have control of your dog in open field and woods.

The training of hunting dogs embraces all aspects of retrieving. Among other things,
the dog has to learn to find downed game - in open country, in the woods or on
the water - and fetch it to the handler/owner. The bond forged between the Drent
and his owner by way of appropriate training makes you aware that the Drent is not
just any dog. He is your buddy, a friend, both in the house and outside.

Hunting embraces more than most people realize. A hunter takes care and
feels responsible for the plant and animal life. He shows his best side to
improve the situation for offspring. Hunt with hounds suggest to resort to culling
the game and on top of that take care of wildlife population.