A quality balanced diet and enough exercise will keep your dog healthy. Even so,
regular visits to the veterinary are necessary. Dogs (especially puppies) need medical treatment for worm infections. In addition vaccinations to prevent all kinds of diseases
have to given on a regular basis. Some are not compulsory but may be wise to give them
anyway (ticks or rabies prevention). To keep teeth healthy your vet can remove plaque
and scale. It may happen a dog keeps scraping his bottom on the floor because its suffers
from itches. This means he either has worms or his anal gland is impacted.

Ask your vet for help and advice about what you can do to prevent this discomfort.
He can also help to prevent or fight parasites like fleas, mites etc. Make sure you have
the required vaccination when you go abroad with your dog.

Remember! Illnesses can deteriorate very rapidly with dogs.
Never wait but take him to your vet before its too late.

There is a one more piece of advice we can give. Switching food frequently may lead
to stomach- and bowel problems. If you have to change over, do it gradually. Blend the
originall with the new food and increase the amount of new food everyday. It is the best
way your dog can get gradually get used to the new kind of food and it will avoid
problems. Only switch food when necessary and do this in consultation with your vet.
Consult the vet when the new feed fails to make your dog feel better.