When you enter a pet shop to get advice about the best food for your dog, you will find there is
a variety on offer. One even better than another, and all with an appealing packaging and
a nice story at the back, to tell you this food contains everything your dog needs.
Of course, food and health are linked together but do not get confused by the
huge variety in pet food and delicacies. Give your dog well balanced feeding and
he will feelgood. Let yourself be well informed and watch your dog's condition.
In addition,the breeder can give you advice. He has a lot of experience with this.

A standard answer should not be given, you have to choose the right thing yourself.

Care of an adult dog!
Feeding: a grown-up 'drent' gets a meal once or twice a day.
Besides that,there has to be fresh water available all day. They also like
to gnaw. A bone
every once in a while is good for their teeth. To keep him
busy you can give him toys like a tennis ball or old socks tied together.