Ticks, fleas and ear mites. These are nasty things for you and your dog. Not only because they itch
and irritate but they are also a threat for health.

Some diseases caused by these parasites can be cured but some are better to be prevented.
Inquire at your vet, he can advise you and tell you about the treatment options in your country.
Prevention is better than cure (as far as a cure is possible). An infection by worms might damage
your dog's health. And as if that isn't enough roundworm can also infect humans.. Therefore it is
recommended to give your dog an anti worm treatment regularly. Use a broad spectrum treatment.

The roundworm is the most common worm species. Young dogs are usually carriers infected in the
uterus or by mother's milk. Adult dogs are also regular carriers. Infections by sniffing the ground,
faeces, etc. can hardly be prevented. Symptoms are diarrhoea, constipation, dull coat and poor
general condition. Symptoms with pups are diarrhoea, vomiting, swollen belly, and emaciation.

The tapeworm is an often-occurring species. Infection takes place by fleas and
is relatively harmless. Symptoms can be so-called 'rice grains' near the anus and
the dogs slide his rear end along the ground. A treatment will only be effective if
fleas are being exterminated at the same time. Ask your vet for a worming
agent and other prevention.