Among the Dutch breeds, the Dutch Partridge Dog holds a prominent place.
It is an ancient breed, which has been held in high esteem in the Netherlands
for centuries. After 1565 in the thinly populated moorlands of the
Netherlands,dogs brought here by Spanish armies mixed with our native dogs,
creating a new breed: the Dutch Partridge Dog.

During several centuries of hard life in and around the farm steads in
Drenthe this dog became a real jack-of-all-trades:

  • Family dog: friend of the family
  • Yard dog: protects home and family
  • Hunting dog: pointing and retrieving during the hunt

The Dutch Partridge Dog Kennel 'the Gloucester' wishes you a lot
of pleasure in discovering this wonderful dog.

Luc & Gerrie van de Heijning,
Drentsche Patrijshondenkennel The Gloucester, Goirle.