Be consequent and reason logically in raising your puppy. If you forbid a pup an act your family has to back up.
For instance, if a pup is allowed to sit on the sofa occasionally, he is also allowed when he is a grown-up dog.
When it's allowable to jump and bark when you (or visitors) approach he wil do likewise when he is mature.
Wearing fancy fair clothes makes no difference. Mind you stipulate the

Rewarding your dog does not mean you have to stuff him with candy,
not even when it is especially made for dogs. You'll get nowhere that
, he will only respond to candy and food. It is better to handle it d
ifferently. Reveal you are pleased because of his behaviour by praising
him. A treble voice and stroke wonders.

The leader of a pack of hounds is called the Alpha. Its up to him/her to
decide what to do or not and when. The pack hunts under his/her command.
When a dog does not obey the Alpha he will be punished in a fast and
effective way even causing death sometimes. A pack can only survive
this way. In a home situation you take over the lead and take a firm line
You have to act like an Alpha (off course not until it bleeds).
Through experience
you will understand more of your dogs behaviour.
After all we are good pupils at the same time
our dogs are brilliant masters.