The very moment that you bring your new puppy inside the house it is important to give him the opportunity
to explore his territory. It is nesessary to give him a place of his own
like a basket in which he can sleep
and rest. He learned a number of skills during the first 8 weeks but more training and socialization continues
at the new environment
. All has to be learned without effort. Road shoulders are a serious danger of infection
so it's better to avoid these strips of grass when you take your pup out. A take out area where mature dogs
answer nature's call are a focus of infection (such as parvovirus).

A good relationship with your dog can only be achieved by a consistent education.
Getting him house-trained is a matter of paying attention to his activities.
Take him out after every meal, after he played or when he wakes up!
Reward him when he has done his needs outdoors.
Never punish him, certainly not when you did not catch him in the act.
He doesn't understand what he is punished for, otherwise.
It is advisable to reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour.
He will soon understand the idea.
Remind him you are in charge and to
bond is more like it
than to punish him frequently. He will heel you like
a pup its mother, in other words you are the alpha leader.