A dog needs its own place indoors. He should feel safe there and be able to withdraw whenever
he wants to. You can show him to his place during dinner to prevent him to make it a habit to
beg for food. A crate would offer a fine solutionr. You never should send him to this place for
punishment. The primary socialization period takes place during the first 8 weeks of a pups life.
During this time he naturally learns how to act around (deal with) other dogs. Besides this he
has to get used to all kinds of different situations and circumstances. Contact with people is of
great importance during this period.

Primary socialization (4-8 weeks):
This is called the imprint phase. It is important that your puppy gets used to as many
different situations and circumstances as possible. He will learn how to deal with other
dogs and not to be afraid of unknown things.

Secondary socialization (8 - 12 weeks):
Your dog learns to interact in its surroundings. Every incentive, either good or bad, will be
remembered for the rest of its life. All things that are not learned or situations that are not gone
through are very hard to learn after this period. In addition, the primary phase is repeated.

Juvenile period: This period takes place until the sexual maturity of the dog.
He learns rank order and co-operation.