The coat of the Dutch Partridge Dog is medium lenght.
He sheds twice a year.
This might involve some inconvenience.
If the coat is wet and dirty just let it dry and the dirt will fall off.
Sometimes brushing
will help. Under normal circumstances,
washing (bathing) is not necessary. Often a dog will roll in
'filth'. The theoretical explanation tells they do to hide their
own scent.
For this purpose they carefully select faeces
(of other animals) and carrion.
You can brush your dog once a week. When he looses
its hair, you can do this
more often. You should start
brushing the pup at a young age so when he's older he
will be used to it. Check its ears to see if they are clean
and have no deposits. The nails have to be clipped
regularly. Eventual parasites like fleas, tricks and ear
mites have to be exterminated to
keep your dog healthy.